Red Cross advises debtors

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The most important thing about the DRC

  1. As a humanitarian organization , the tasks of the DRC include debt counseling .
  2. Among the services of the DRK debt and bankruptcy counseling offices is the debt analysis , the preparation of budgets and the development of solutions to find out potential savings . Even with imminent foreclosure help the debtor advisors of the DRC.
  3. Debt counseling is free of charge for the DRK , as it is a non-profit organization.

Debt counseling at the DRK – humanitarian organization helps with over-indebtedness

The DRK is not only active in rescue services, but also in debt counseling.

The German Red Cross is part of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent movement , which is the world’s largest humanitarian organization with 191 national societies.

Regardless of whether it’s health , social or financial distress , affected people are helped .

While most of the organization probably is known in the fields of rescue service, first aid and disaster relief, the DRC continues with numerous debt counseling but also for counseling of indebted citizens.

In the name of humanity , well-being and human dignity , debtors who entrust themselves with the financial advice of trained advisors of the German Red Cross are helped.

How does DRK process the debtor’s advice? – conversation and content

Debt counseling is offered in full by the organization “Deutsches Rotes Kreuz”. The DRK debtor and insolvency advisory bodies help citizens affected by over-indebtedness to find a way out of the debt trap . So that you can look into a debt-free future step by step, you will be provided with trained staff at the DRK. Personal counseling sessions are offered in the many county associations distributed throughout Germany .

Debtors are often insecure because they do not know how you are actually being helped and what are the conditions for claiming help. We want to take away the fear of the first step and have therefore listed some of the contents that are included in the DRK in the debt counseling :

  • Joint analysis of your individual debt situation
  • Establishment of a budget for the meaningful division of the budget available to you
  • Joint development of solutions through discussion of potential savings and behavioral changes
  • Assistance with imminent wage and account pledges or foreclosure

In addition, the DRK is also interested in debt counseling that realistic installment payments are agreed with creditors . In discussions, you will be actively supported in this respect by the debtor advisors of the respective debt counseling service. In addition, those seeking help also receive information about insolvency proceedings and the prerequisites for a discharge of residual debt.